Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Cancer Update #7 - All's Well, For Now

Here’s the dealio… doc tells me my blood-work and body scans show no current signs of cancer.  Keyword:  current.  I go back in April for a rinse and repeat of the tests.

Now – this is good news – great news in fact.  But keep in mind, we’re talking five-freakin’-year bellcurves!  I mean, I’ll take my three months and be totally, completely, and ever irreversibly thankful.  But there’s April and the expectation that the other shoe could drop.  Then again, one of the great lessons here is that one never knows when the first shoe will drop.

In the meantime, the news continues to sink in.  The day the doc told me this good news, I felt like I was standing in the middle of a smoldering crater with a sense of now what?  There is a savor, I think, of PTSD (maybe, kinda-sorta?).  Having never been in combat I use the term in a highly unprofessional and completely non-clinical manner.  Apologies to those who have that real deal.  Then again, I’ve been in a number of tight spots and so my stress-memory isn’t as flabby as my midsection.  Bottom line here: sorting things will take a while.

Anyways – unless something happens, no more cancer updates for a while.

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