Friday, May 10, 2013

Phoning It In

I have been multitudinously busy and under the weather and working on final edits on two, yes two, new novels.  In the meantime, here are some random thoughts I was too uninspired to elaborate upon:

  • Why do faith healers wear eye-glasses?  I was going to ask why they never go to cancer treatment centers, but that’s too obvious.
  • How come psychics don’t win every lottery?
  • Possible titles for a science-fiction novel:  “Boring Nosey Neighbors in Outer Space”, “They Came from Mendacity!”, or “The Half-Naked Woman and the Cat-Faces”.
  • About that whole Benghazi thing?  Like I said, it had to be about that video.
  • The individual is the smallest minority in the world.  In this sense I am for minority rights.  I think Ayn Rand said something like this, but it bears repeating.
  • The government is spending more money, more quickly, than ever before.  It’s nice to see they’re efficient at something.
  •  Why did people back in the day bother writing sonnets?  I guess before there were important things like Justin Bieber, Fantasy Football, and Facebook, they had to do waste their time doing something.
  • How come private organizations exist to help with adult literacy?  I thought we had public schools.
  • Some people are absolutely certain there are no absolutes.
  • The word translated into ‘Babylon’ in the Old Testament is the same word as ‘Babel’ (as in, the Tower of…) and it literally means confusion.  The sense and meaning of Babylon in the New Testament refers either to the geographic region or the idea of confusion.   Remember that the next time you read through Revelation, keeping in mind that Babylon in Revelation is always described as great.  Now go turn on your television.

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