Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Under A Cloven Moon: Book 1


Please turn your eyeballs to the right and gaze upon my newest book.  Now, slowly reach for your credit card or go to the ebook vendor where you have an existing account.... You know what to do.

Under a Cloven Moon:  The Satanta Run is available at both Amazon.com and Barnes&Noble.com!  As with my other novels, UaCM:TSR is less than the price of a medium Starbucks.

Acknowledgements go to:

StreetlightGraphics:  professional, courteous, and responsive.  I recommend them to anyone looking for help in ebook formatting, design, and artwork creation.  Their work-ethic restored in me a little hope for the world.  They did the cover and what a great cover it is.

My two beta readers:  Nancy for her critical eye and honest questions, even though my sense is, this genre isn't her favorite cup of tea, she still did a great job -- thank you so much.  Some day when I use bundles of five-dollar-bills for kindling, you'll be on permanent retainer.  And to Tracy, who devoured books like this.  I can only hope he appreciated how much his feedback helped.  Unfortunately, Tracy passed away earlier this summer after years of struggle with many health problems.  He was a high school friend and those of you who are the praying sort, please remember his family.

Myself:  The big technical deal for this book is the fact that I formatted them to meet both .epub and .mobi standards for the different platforms used by various ereader devices.

Lihturary Commentary (ahem…):

The book is styled after some older school Science-Fiction / fantasy forms.  There is as much narrative in the work as there is dialog and the scope of the story is expansive. As the first work in a series, I thought this appropriate.  There is plenty of room to grow, and it will grow.  There are quite a number of characters readers will be introduced to and in some ways this is a character driven story, though the plot provides the highway.  The plot also provides plenty of areas of tension and bloody battles.  Thematically, if you're interested in such things, keep an eye on the clash of cultures and notice the fancy-dancy symbolism of the moon being nearly split as representative of this.  There are three dominant cultures and one minor cultural outlook portrayed in this novel. The intrinsic tension happens as these cultures encounter and struggle against one another.  AND - if none of that makes sense or matters very much, it's still, I hope, at least, a well-told tale.

Finally, anyone interested in being a beta reader, please contact me.  You will have to hunt for my email address in the 'About Me' section over at the bottom on the right column.  It's a bit obtuse because I hate spammers.  But send me an email and we'll talk.  I have a number of works that aren't done cooking and they would benefit greatly from a fresh set of eyes.  We can go over the details as things progress.
Three books I'm currently working on:  The second book of the Cloven Moon series, a near-future science fiction work called Shareware, and a weird, very contemporary, book about a man named Frank who's a combo sociopath/slacker.  If any of those sound interesting, and if you're willing to read them and then allow me to pick your brain, drop me a line.  At this point, the beta-reader position is a pro-bono position.  Alas… the labor of love.  Or, we might barter something.  If you live close enough I can drive over and wash your car.  I also make a mean box of plain peanut butter cookies.  I could next-day them to your house.

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