Thursday, August 16, 2012

Crib notes...

…from an article that can be found here:

I have not read the book(s) but found this to be very interesting. I would urge anyone to click the link and read it for themselves.

What do you call it when a young girl who cannot operate a computer, talks a lot about cartwheels, wears pigtails, has an imaginary friend, has never had a drink of alcohol, speaks in terms of ’golly’, and is a complete novice to her own sexuality is manipulated, abused, and molested over and over again by an older wealthy man with all the power and all the control?

No, it’s not a classic child abuse scenario, though I can see how people with experience in Child Protective Services, law enforcement, and clinical psychology might think that. It’s actually the plot of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey‘.

Oh, and get this, the male protagonist is named ‘Christian’ (a nice cheap shot in and of itself) who was, himself, a victim of sexual abuse.  Of course he’s wealthy. Take away his money and he turns into something else.

Even though the age of the female protagonist is given to be 21 and she‘s all set to graduate college, her character is portrayed as someone mentally handicapped or as someone much younger. Taken at face value her actions, diction, and level of performance in the world is that of a someone who should be housed in an assisted living facility. Either that or the age given by the author is a very thin cover hiding the fact that the main female character is actually a child.

For example:
  • The female character has no sexual experiences whatsoever.
  • The narrative voice is that of a little girl. Listen to how she talks: “Holy Cow”, “down there”, “jeez” “double crap”, cartwheels, and skipping. Over and over it is the language and the imagery of a girl with no demonstration of emotional maturity.
  • If she were a high school student she would be extremely naïve. Remember, she is graduating college.
  • She is incapable of making the most simple every day decisions.
  • The older man makes her think the abuse is her choice. This is one of the primary tools of the pedophile, creating an environment where the child feels it’s their idea.
  • After the early stages of their relationship, the older man becomes more openly abusive and controlling. He tells the girl how to speak, what to wear, and what to eat.
  • There is spanking and at one poin the slathers her in baby oil.
  • The girl wears pigtails and complains he treats her like a child.
I know it’s ‘just’ fiction. But fiction serves many purposes. And the analysis given in the article found at the link is chilling. Don’t take my word for it.  Click on the link and read it for yourself.  Think about what may be hidden in plain sight.

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