Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Do the Math

Let’s say a guy makes a big pot of spaghetti on an average of once a day, every ten days, for sixteen years.  That’s 584 pots of spaghetti.  That’s 876 pounds of pasta and 1,168 pounds of ground beef and pork.  That’s 1,479 gallons of water.  That’s 584 loaves of bread because he always makes garlic bread.  I’m not including the garlic bread numbers.  That’s 876 tablespoons of olive oil.  That’s 584 onions.  That’s 876 cloves of garlic.  That’s at least 1,752 tablespoons of various Italian herbs and spices, fresh in the summer, store bought in winter.  I say at least because he never measures.  That’s at least 1,752 ounces of catsup.  That’s also 584 twelve-ounce cans of unsalted tomato sauce and at least that many fresh tomatoes.  Don’t forget salt and pepper, also unmeasured – probably an ounce each batch.  That’s 876 hours of effort in the kitchen.  Never mind the shopping and never mind the dirty dishes. Whoever cooks doesn’t have to do dishes – house rule.

These numbers are translatable to something more meaningful and relevant.   But I’m lazy and don’t do that.

Point is, it's epic.  I do epic things.  So do you.  But the forest for the trees and all that…  Stay inspired and heroic.  Do things for others.  It adds up.

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